A boy told his mom, “I couldn’t sleep last night so I went into your room. Why were you jumping up and down on daddy?”His mom shocked that her son had seen his parents having sex quickly said, “Well dear, I was pushing the air out of him.” The boy replied, “Oh then you’re wasting your time. The lady next door blows him back up every day…

ibiza or street party??

ibiza or street party??

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such a lonely day!!!

i try so hard to smile!to laugh once in a while,but no mttr wht i do.the pain won’t leave!!

c’mon apiss..shes only a sch girl..haaa..kimakk…hahaha..happy outside..hurt inside…damn!!!! she’s a heartbreaker…LALEK lahh…slalu nya„EASY COME EASY GO!!!but now!! EASY COME HARD TOO GO!!! dunia bpusin..kita bmasa right!! sooo..fuck tht girl… hahahahaha